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Cubs Pioneer Activity Badge

Cubs Pioneer Activity Badge

Cubs Pioneer Activity Badge

The Badge takes about 2 hours to complete but this is dependent on the numbers attending. The Pack is split into groups and work their way around four bases which are:

  • Make your own rope
  • Tie a simple lashing and knots
  • Take part in a knot game.
  • Build an indoor pioneering project using simple knots and lashings.

There is no need to prepare the Cubs for this badge, however a little knowledge from the leaders could be helpful as they will accompany the Cubs around each Base.

Further information

To book a session for your Pack phone 01622 397070 or email

This badge course can be run in the evening throughout the year and takes 2 hours, £7.50 per child.

Minimum 8 participants

includes the badge and a Pack Certificate of Attendance.

Full details of the badge requirements are on the Scout Association website here.

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