Lower Grange Farm is currently closed for activities and camping in line with Government lockdown restrictions. Should you need to contact us, our office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am to 2pm - 01622 766846.

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Geocaching and orienteering

Geocaching and orienteering -


Orienteering is a sport where you have to find your way across an area with the aid of a map and compass. At Lower Grange we have a course set up onsite, developed by a volunteer. As the site has developed so has the course which gets a refresh every couple of years. 


Geocaching is a "real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS enabled devices".

At Lower Grange Farm we are ideally placed for people to walk and find many caches hidden in the surrounding areas. Because of this we have made our own little geocaching style challenge onsite that is designed for the younger ages to get to know how to use a GPS and find out what fun geocaching is. 

To make a booking phone 01622 766840 or email


Kent Scouts

Scouts and Guides

Other Youth Groups
Orienteering with instructor, 1 hour with up to 12384042
Orienteering self led1015N/A


Kent Scouts  Scouts and Guides Other Youth Groups
With instructor for group up to 12.  25 30 35
Self led per half day. 10 15 20

A 50 returnable deposit is required when hiring GPS devices.

Download our Geocaching and Orienteering risk assessment here