Geocaching and Orienteering

Geocaching and Orienteering


Orienteering is a sport where you have to find your way across an area with the aid of a map and compass. At Lower Grange we have a course set up onsite, developed by a volunteer. As the site has developed so has the course which gets a refresh every couple of years.

We have a number of courses to suit differing abilities, ranging from pictorial maps to 6 figure grid references with map and compass. Please get in touch to get a tailored experience.


Geocaching is a "real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS enabled devices".

At Lower Grange Farm we are ideally placed for people to walk and find many caches hidden in the surrounding areas. Because of this we have made our own little geocaching style challenge onsite that is designed for the younger ages to get to know how to use a GPS and find out what fun geocaching is. 

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