Plant a Tree for the Jubilee in 22 and 23!


To mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we are creating a legacy at Lower Grange Farm!

LGF is growing with the addition of acres of Kent countryside and we're planning to make it a really special place by planting hundreds of native trees. In fact, we've already started planting hedges but there is more to be done, dividing out camping and activity areas, marking footpaths and creating a wildlife friendly environment.

Get Involved   


Over the next year, we are looking for groups to come and plant some trees whilst taking part in other activities at the centre. Does that sound like an idea your group would be in to? Want to be part of this amazing legacy? Here's how:

1. Book your activity

2. Decide you want to get involved

3. Visit The WoodlandTrust for details of how to get your trees.

4. Contact to arrange planting during your visit.

5. Ask about the Lower Grange Farm 'Loyalty Card'.

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