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Build rockets that will hit 200mph in 2 seconds! 

We deliver a range of space-themed science activities for all ages from one hour to a full day, with instructors and equipment all provided. For information about the Scouts Astronautics Badge please click  here.

We have two types - water powered rockets, and solid fuel powered rockets.

Check out this short film to see rockets in action!

Water Rockets 

The youngsters attach fins to a coke bottle, add water and pressurise the ‘rocket’ with a bicycle pump launching it 100 feet down the field amidst a splattering of water. Then we do the science; does more or less water result in a longer flight? At what angle should you launch the rocket? Who can get theirs furthest? 

Solid fuel powered rockets

These are grin-inducingly dramatic! Powered by commercial model rocket motors, the home-built rockets will fly 1000 feet vertically upwards in a cloud of smoke and flame and descend safely on a parachute. Depending on time, we can concentrate on flying, or building the rockets first.

Please see the Pricing tab below for the full range of great packages we have available to run at your Group, District or at Lower Grange Farm. If you are not sure which would be best for you please contact us

To make a booking phone 01622 766840 or email


We offer a range of packages so if you aren't sure which would be best for your group please contact us.

Water Rocket Package

Great hands-on fun for all ages (6+), competing to achieve the furthest flight.

Youth/SchoolsScouts/GuidesKent Scouts
1 hour instructor led session for 12 participants         £48          £45       £42
1 hour instructor led session for 12 participants - from 1/4/22         £51          £48       £45

Bronze Rocket Package

1 hour, £50. 45 minutes of water rockets, then three solid fuel launches of pre-made rockets. All ages (6+), up to 15 young people.

Silver Rocket Package

2 hours, £75. No water rockets. 90 minute hour building session of 5 solid fuel kits, then 2 flights each. With three participants per group, that's 15 youngsters entertained. Age 8 upwards. 

Gold Rocket Package

3 hours, £100. Bronze plus silver. Water rockets plus solid fuel build n' fly. Our most popular package, age 8 upwards and up to 15 young people

Platinum Rocket Package

3 hours, £150. Gold (water + solid fuel build n' fly), but for twice as many youngsters, 30 people.

Risk assessments for water powered rockets are here , and solid fuel powered rockets here .